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Cloud Solutions

Imagine accessing company information from anywhere in the world. Then imagine interacting with your team as if you’re all in one office. That’s what cloud services provide to businesses like yours.

TekConcierge offers a tailored approach to Cloud Solutions.

As a small to medium sized business, we understand your time and resources are valuable.

  • You don’t have a dedicated IT Support team. If you do, they are limited in what they understand and need additional support.
  • Overspending on tech solutions isn’t an option. You need a flat-rate plan.
  • Accessibility by all members of the team is of the utmost importance to business operations.

Cloud Solutions addresses all of these concerns, and more.

Working together, we assess, update, upgrade, and maintain programs that your team needs to work efficiently and effectively to serve clients.

What are Cloud Services?

Businesses like yours are using infrastructure, platforms, or software that is hosted by a third party and utilized via the internet. These are called cloud services.

It’s a simple way to run your business, until software doesn’t work or needs updating.

Your team utilizes multiple platforms to track client data, transactions, records, inventory, internal processes, and more. Without Cloud Services, your organization is vulnerable to a variety of issues including:

  • Less productivity
  • Increased security issues
  • Decreased revenue
  • Data integrity issues
  • Lower employee morale
  • Loss of trust with customers/clients/patients
  • Compliance violations

You need a partner you can trust and one who understands cloud solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

TekConcierge offers Cloud Solutions to our Managed IT Services clients.

  • Automation of processes
  • Adherence to compliance standards
  • Enhanced security features
  • Regular updates
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Scalable solutions
  • Business continuity planning

We care about your business as much as you do.

That’s why we’re dedicated to identifying solutions to today’s issues while at the same time, finding ways to prevent downtime in the future.

Ready to get started? Contact TekConcierge for a Cloud Services Initial Consultation.

Cloud Solutions FAQ's
  • 1. Why is it called a Cloud?

    Technical and computing references to “the cloud” are not new. Flow charts and diagrams in the 1960s utilized cartoonish cloud symbols to illustrate the wide, connecting properties of the internet. Eric Schmidt, of Google, got credit for coining the modern use of the term in 2006 when he talked about Google's services as existing "in a cloud somewhere”.

  • 2. Why are cloud solutions essential for small businesses?

    Cloud-based platforms and apps connect your workforce—making collaboration efficient and easier. The cloud also bridges communication with clients and customers. Cloud solutions provide ways for a small or medium-sized business to scale without upfront investment in infrastructure and management.

  • 3. What is meant by cloud collaboration?

    Cloud collaboration erases the constraints of location and time. Employees can share folders, and business data, and even work concurrently on documents from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based collaboration lets your business share, edit, and work together on projects with partners and contractors.

  • 4. Are there risks of cloud computing?

    In short, yes! Access to data and protection of assets remain critical security concerns in cloud computing. However, the cloud provides broad oversight and management of files and user access. Another risk is availability. If a cloud service is down, you will not have access to your data. Always ask about service uptime statistics when you are selecting cloud service providers.

  • 5. Are cloud solutions cost-efficient?

    Yes, essentially you only pay for the resources you use. Instead of laying down a substantial upfront investment for servers, software and administration, you get expandable storage, processing power, and resources only as you require them. You can even shrink your cloud footprint and costs if requirements decrease.

  • 6. How can cloud solutions help your business grow?

    Successful businesses often cite efficiency, wise utilization of capital, business continuity, and customer service as contributing factors to growth. By investing in cloud solutions, your business takes significant steps in team collaboration, hardware investment and resource allocation, and disaster recovery.

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