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Microsoft 365 Support

It’s been a while since office applications have moved away from the old, expensive system of having to buy a new business license for each individual program whenever a new version is released. Microsoft 365 has become the new standard for small and medium-sized businesses. The more reasonable single subscription price for all the software you need is a model that many businesses prefer, as it allows them to keep the most up to date and standardized version of each of their office applications available on a consistent basis. However, handling licenses for employees and dealing with the technical errors that do occur during use and implementation of Office 365 can be a struggle. Fortunately, TekConcierge’s managed IT services include Office 365 support and implementation so you know trusted IT experts are there to help you get your office applications up and running smoothly.

Microsoft 365, which includes the Office 365 software suite, puts together all of Microsoft’s industry standard business applications in one package. This simplifies the issue of having to choose what the most appropriate software is for your company, as you have access to all of it at once. Your staff can also access the applications both via the web or natively on their computers after your Office 365 support team implements the product for your company. Having Office 365 implemented at your business gives your staff a wide array of tools to do their job and allows them to access their work online from anywhere.

When TekConcierge provides your Office 365 implementation, you can count on readily available Office 365 support when your staff needs it. Our help desk IT support can help any of your staff with any Microsoft 365 issues when they occur. You know that TekConcierge IT support has your back when you partner with us for managed IT services and Office 365 support is one of the services you can be sure we’re ready to provide you whenever necessary

Don’t wait if your company needs assistance with Microsoft 365. Partner with TeckConcierge for the support and guidance that will set you up with access to everything you need to get your company running like a well-oiled machine. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Office 365 FAQ's
  • 1. What is Microsfot 365?

    Microsoft 365 is a subscription service for business customersthat includes numerous business applications, including Office 365 software. All software is offered for a monthly fee under the service.

  • 2. What is Office 365?

    Office 365 generally refers to a collective group of business applications that are developed by Microsoft, many of which are industry standards. Word, Excel and Powerpoint are three of the most commonly used and known applications in Office 365.

  • 3. If I buy Office 365, do I own it forever?

    No. You pay a monthly fee to access the software on a continual basis. The subscription model is what allows Microsoft to offer all of their business software at once for a relatively affordable price.

  • 4. If our company hires TekConcierge for Managed IT Services, does that include Office 365 support?

    Yes. We offer support for Office 365 applications and we can implement the service for your business as well, if desired.

  • 5. Are there alternatives to Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

    Yes, there are several. Apple offers their own office software on their machines. Google also provides an alternative with their Google Business Suite. However, Microsoft's applications are still the most commonly used and understood in most industries.

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