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Cloud-Based VoIP Services

Tekconcierge provides state-of-the-art Cytracom Hosted VoIP solutions. Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP offers the flexibility, affordability and reliability you need for your business communications. And unlike traditional PBX systems, it’s delivered without the expensive setup and bulky hardware.

Because Hosted VoIP is cloud-based, installation is quick and you are able to seamlessly integrate multiple locations.

Evolve your business communications with over 150 enterprise-class features.

With Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP, you can:

Save Time and Money – Instead of building-out or updating phone systems, hosted VoIP eliminates the need to buy equipment, software and licensing, reducing upfront costs up to 60%. Maintenance and updates are included and happen automatically.

Scale Freely – With plug-and-play capability, cloud-based hosted VoIP is a quick, affordable solution to organizational growth. You can seamlessly add phones across multiple locations on the same system to meet rapid business requirements.

Connect Employees – No matter where your employees are located, Cytracom’s Hosted PBX services unite them with a single, unified phone system.

Rely on 24/7 Support – Support you can count on. Our support team is available 24/7/365.

VoIP Services FAQ's
  • 1. What is VoIP?

    VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) is a type of phone service that operates by using your high-speed Internet connection, using either your regular phone, an app on mobile devices, or a software application on a computer. Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP uses your phone or computer to call the number via the Internet rather than through the copper wires that make up a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

  • 2. Are the business features available with PSTN also available with VoIP?

    Yes. In fact, VoIP lets organizations enjoy more features when compared to landlines. Indeed, some advanced features are implemented more efficiently on VoIP, and there are others that are simply unavailable on older PSTN technology.

  • 3. Is it true that faxing doesn’t work on VoIP?

    Due to latency, jitter, lag, and other technical issues, faxing does not work on VoIP “out of the box.” However, many vendors (including TekConcierge) can provide special gateways to enable faxes on VoIP via the “T38 protocol.”

  • 4. How does VoIP phone service work?

    Unlike traditional PSTN phone systems, which are analog in nature and transmit sound via wires strung on telephone poles, VoIP systems convert sound into digital signals that are transmitted over a broadband connection via the Internet.

  • 5. How does Cloud-based VoIP differ from traditional telephone service?

    For one thing, a hosted VoIP phone system can consist of many types of devices, including desktop IP phones, analog phones with ATA gateway, softphones on a desktop computer, and smartphones with VoIP app, all working together seamlessly to provide unified business communications. This approach is known as a cloud phone system or a “cloud PBX.” Administrators can manage the features and permissions for each employee with an online interface, along with more sophisticated VoIP features. Moreover, since VoIP runs over the Internet, communication-related data can be stored securely in the cloud and managed through an online dashboard, which allows users to update contacts and business phone numbers, adjust call forwarding, retrieve and save phone messages, and add new phone numbers as needed.

  • 6. Why are Cloud-based VoIP systems so popular with businesses?

    For two key reasons: simplicity and cost savings. For one low price, organizations enjoy all the specialized features of VoIP phone systems without having to maintain a dedicated room of bulky, expensive PBX hardware.

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