Managed IT Services Case Study Dallas Texas


Hi, my name is Mike.

I was responsible for finding a company to help us manage our computer infrastructure as we transitioned from an old building to a brand new facility. We faced numerous challenges. We had an extremely old network. Our wireless environment was consumer grade. We had poor endpoint security solutions without up to date licensing. We had out of date antivirus definitions and no cloud security solutions. We lacked an endpoint management strategy. We had to transition from a workgroup to a managed domain. In fact, we had employees using their own laptops on the corporate network. Basically, our IT standards were below par and our equipment and software was hodgepodge. Overall, we did not know what we needed and needed help to upgrade our systems.

As you can see, I faced an uphill climb all while trying to ensure the design of the new building met our requirements. Quite frankly, it was not a professional IT environment for the expansion that we were implementing and I need help. I needed someone to help guide me through all the decisions so that we can work efficiently.

In our search we found TekConcierge. Over the past three years, TekConcierge has transformed our IT infrastructure and provided a solid map for the future. They have enabled us to scale our business with technology and saved us time and money.

“They have enabled us to scale our business with technology and saved us time and money.”

They upgraded our network, implemented professional grade wireless equipment, endpoint security solutions, updated antivirus, and ensured that our equipment is updated and software is licensed appropriately. Our network is domain based which allows us to control the environment and scaled accordingly. Furthermore, we have implemented a ticketing system with their helpdesk to enable our users to call in and get their issues solved remotely.

Without TekConcierge, I don’t know how we would have overcome these challenges.