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IT Service Industries

TekConcierge provides comprehensive IT services to numerous industries. We support the appropriate software solutions and can manage the IT needs of businesses in a wide variety of fields. From network security to cloud solutions to disaster recovery, our managed IT services can provide the tools for your company to succeed. Here are some the primary industries for which TekConcierge provides IT services.

Private Equity

Dealing with vast sums of money involved in business investment means private equity is a prime target for online attacks. Attempted data breaches and ransomware are constant threats whenever a company deals with such resources. Having an IT support firm with excellent cybersecurity solutions is a must. TekConcierge can protect your firm and make its operations more efficient with our managed IT services. Our business continuity and disaster recovery plans will make sure you never lose important data or have your daily work interrupted, allowing you to strategize and find the best ways to grow your firm and make the most money. You can bank on TekConcierge to provide the best IT services possible when you need technological help at your private equity firm.


Family Offices

It’s no surprise that Family Offices dealing in wealth management need to be smart and careful when it comes to their IT needs. Only comprehensive IT services with careful consideration for network security needs and appropriate solutions for business continuity and IT support should be considered when your company is managing the significant resources and the sensitive data of your clientele. Let TekConcierge handle the technical aspects of your business while you handle your clients’ assets. We will make your job easier when you partner with TekConcierge for your company’s IT support.


Oil and Gas

There is an intense amount of logistics when managing an oil and gas company. No matter what segment of the oil & gas industry your company works in, you ae dealing with complicated and dangerous work. When managing oil and gas, you need support from the best managed IT services company possible to keep your company both safe and operating smoothly. Technical errors or a cybersecurity breach could lead to unsafe conditions or accidents, but when you have comprehensive IT services from TekConcierge, you can have peace of mind about the technology supporting your company.



Providing medical services means you sometimes have your clients’ lives in your hands. You can’t settle for anything but the best, and TekConcierge provides the best managed IT services you can get. Focus on healing your patients while our IT support keeps your organization running without issue and our cybersecurity and disaster recovery ensure your patients’ sensitive data is safe. We have every aspect covered when it comes to IT support for medical operations. You can trust in TekConcierge’s IT expertise as your patients trust in your medical expertise.



Technological hiccups at the office can be more annoying than a grating toothache. Getting IT services from TekConcierge for your dental office will help prevent you from running into computer disasters that you’re not ready to handle on your own. Our complete suite of IT support services will help you avoid technological issues and keep your daily operations going according to plan. You can focus on the needs of your dental patients while we handle your IT needs. Bring your practice to the next level by partnering with TekConcierge to improve your efficiency.


Design & Architecture

When designing and building new houses, offices and other buildings, you have a million things to worry about. Let the IT support specialists at TekConcierge takes some of those worries away. While you deal with the complexities of architecture, we will support you with cloud solutions, help desk support and more. You can trust that the technological side of your business will always be running smoothly as you set new foundations all over and grow your business. TekConcierge can give you the support you need the way you give the new structures you build the support to stay up for a long, long time.



In the hospitality industry, it’s important to make sure all your clients are comfortable. We feel the same way about our IT service clients at TekConcierge. We want you to feel comfortable and secure that all your IT support needs are handled. That’s why we provide security services and data protection that will keep your company’s and your clients’ personal information safe, as well as responsive IT help desk services that mean we’re always there to help with your technological concerns. Let us take care your IT service needs while you make your customers feel at home. Partner with us and take your hospitality business to the next level.

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Cars are complicated machines on an individual and the automotive industry is exponentially more complicated as it deals with the design, building and shipping of vehicles. Keep focused on the complexities you have expertise in while the technological tools you use are supported by the IT service experts at TekConcierge. You build your cars to last and provide smooth rides to your customers. We execute comprehensive IT service plans that help your company last and keep your pipeline moving smoothly. Speak to the managed IT service providers at TekConcierge and learn how we can help support your operation.