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Financial IT Services

Financial institutions rely on Information Technology to deliver world-class services. Disruption or unauthorized access to your systems and data will affect your operation, processes, and risk profile. With the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, it is essential that financial institutions and third-party service providers are active in recognizing, evaluating, and mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Ransomware has become increasingly prevalent. Incidents continue to evolve in severity and complexity and have far-reaching impacts on the financial sector. Beyond cybersecurity—electronic communications, data access, business continuity, and competitive FinTech services all require routine assessment and maintenance. Every IT service, process, and tool has the potential to bring heightened efficiency or heavy liability. Managed IT from a trusted partner liberates your team to serve your customers.

Money and Trust are two sides of the same coin. Reliable/secure IT is imperative for business growth. Your firm needs to modernize to stay relevant and competitive. Rapidly changing customer needs, regulatory requirements, and cybersecurity risks demand creative and reliable solutions to maintain trust and customer satisfaction. TekConcierge offers end-to-end managed IT. From assessment to execution—we maintain your business technology so you can serve and support your customers, and set yourself apart in the marketplace.

You choose your managed IT partner for their proven ability in financial IT services. You’ll know you made the right choice with TekConcierge the first time we talk. Our assessment of your needs will quickly put your mind at ease. We know your language and industry needs when it comes to tech.

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TekConcierge is your whole IT service provider. If it touches technology, we manage it. You can count on business continuity planning and services including planning, training, onsite and cloud-based backups, recovery, and remote officing. We do everything possible to mitigate downtime, but unplanned outages may still occur. Loss of service may be due to mother nature, failed technology, or cyber criminals trying to bring your organization down. But comprehensive continuity planning offers peace of mind that your critical systems and data will be managed, accessible, and rapidly recovered during or after a disaster.

And IT management isn’t just about mitigation it’s about delivering your organization a competitive advantage through efficiency and expanded services. Let TekConcierge optimize your network and communication tools to enable unique capabilities and heightened quality of service. We’re your partner in product integration, custom solutions, best practices, and training. We listen, educate, and work with your organization from maintenance to compliance. Contact TekConcierge today and schedule an appointment to learn more.

financial it services
finance it services

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