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Medical IT Services

The world is changing. The pandemic has caused changes to many industries, most notably the healthcare industry. Keeping electronic medical records secure is a priority. We understand your staff is taking care of patients. That’s why we’re here to take care of medical IT services that keep your medical facility compliant.

TekConcierge understands what it takes to manage patients and a practice and keep electronic health records current and secure.

  • Keep confidential information confidential.
  • Secure patient and employee data.
  • Protect and defend from data breach.
  • Invoice and collect using the latest technology.
  • Keep electronic medical records updated and secure.

Patients want to know their information is available for them to share with their other providers. Support for Electronic Health Records (EHR) means less time your staff spends handling requests. Providers in varying specialties can be kept up to date on patient care, whether in-patient, outpatient, or private practice.Administrators will have improved systems for tracking medical staff and patients, all while remaining compliant and providing the best care. TekConcierge partners with you to understand the challenges your team faces, while at the same time assessing current technology, in order to implement systems and security to meet the goals of your organization.

We Value Your Company

Whether you’re managing a doctor’s office, a hospital, or clinic, TelConcierge is ready to support your organization in identifying and implementing solutions to common (and not so common) technology issues faced by professionals in your industry.

Medical IT Services can save your organization money while at the same time increasing the quality of patient care. Not only that, but implementing the latest technology, including networks, wifi, and cloud services, will set your facility apart from the competition.

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