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We are excited to talk with you about your technology needs. Tekconcierge wants to provide focused support that meets your needs and helps you reach your business goals. Call Us: 214-269-4612

What to Expect

When we schedule an appointment with a client we talk to you on the phone and if necessary meet you at your location and review your technology needs.

Create a Plan – Information Technology, Disaster Recovery

During that time we assess what your needs are and create a plan. This detailed plan will cover not only the steps we take to keep your business running but also a clear outline of the monthly costs. There are no hidden fees.

Integrating Our Services

We work with a variety of companies who use our services for all of their information technology or sometimes they go with an integrated plan utilizing TekConcierge in areas where our expertise is aligned with an existing IT Department.

Monthly Reports and Network Updates

Once we have implemented our services we update you with monthly reports and updates to keep you informed of the status of your technology and how everything is running. In these reports we may make suggesting for updating hardware or implementing new security protocols, whatever it is, you’ll never being flying blind with Tekconcierge.

Tell Us More About Your Business

IT Support

What does Managed Services mean? Well, it is the practice of outsourcing information technology on a proactive basis including management responsibilities and technical functions. Management of your information technology provides for a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

Disaster Recovery

Is your information technology capable of delivering your products or services at an acceptable predefined standard following a disruptive event? If you are interested in finding our more information, give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

We provide voice solutions for small to medium-sized companies. With our robust cloud-based PBX, we provide the VoIP services companies need to power and grow their business.

Cloud Solutions

Offered on the most robust network of its kind in the Midwest, and serves as the backbone for a full suite of colocation, security and computing services. This includes both HIPAA Compliant Cloud-based and Network-based solutions, and is relied upon by everyone from entrepreneurial individuals and startups to Fortune 500 level companies.

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